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beautiful down town bramall lane
Being a Sheffield United fan this arguably is the most difficult of reviews to write, mainly as it may come out as somewhat biased even when I'm trying not to be.

The Blades were formed on the 22 March 1889 but the Bramall Lane ground had already been used by the Cricket Club since the 1850's. A football club was formed to help raise cash over the winter months whilst no cricket was in play; however it hosted an FA Cup Semi-Final match between Preston North End and West Bromwich Albion to convince the board to create the new club.

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Team: Sheffield United
Ground: Bramall Lane
Capacity: 32,609
Date Visited: 25 August 2007 (v WBA)

Eventually, the cricket club moved to a new stadium and Bramall Lane was a fully football orientated ground. In 1975 cricket was embellished with the reconstruction of the South Stand which is still standing today.

Stadium and Pitch: 8/10

Bramall Lane is the oldest football ground in the Football League and hopefully will be for many years to come; since 1990 with the shaping of the Kop has since seen dramatic ground improvements.

Shoreham St. Kop - Plans are currently in place to extend the Kop from its nine or so thousand and create it into a two tiered stand with added disabled faculties, this won't happen though until the club is an established Premier League club.

South Stand - In 1975 the South Stand was built to modernise the ground and turn it into the Football Stadia we know and love today; before it was a cricket pitch and visibility was difficult with distance between stand and pitch. Currently a 4* hotel is being built adjoining the South Stand.

Bramall Lane End - Built in 1966 the Bramall Lane End houses majority the visitors to the ground; it had originally a capacity of 5,200 until twelve months ago; following the Blades promotion to the Premier League saw this stand extended and a corner being built adjacent to the South Stand.

John St. Stand - The initial rickety wooden structure was knocked down in 1993 but due to lack of funding took a further three years to build and finally opened in October 1996. It is arguably the best of the stands and holds all the executive facilities. Further plans to develop this 6,500 stand into a two tiered structure has been mentioned, but again only when United are in the top flight.

Programme: 9/10

The Blade; as it is known offers 80 pages for the price of £3. Obviously like all clubs produce different styles and content each season and naturally the 2007-08 content is totally different from its previous seasons edition.

One feature that is unique and interesting is the 'He's a Blade...' feature which concentrates on current playing footballers who support Sheffield United by play there football in the non leagues. Whilst I always look forward to reading 'From the boardroom...' as written by Chief Executive Jason Rocket.

Also, for the opponents is the 'Managing to succeed...' feature which names former managers of the opposition who contributed to the clubs past history.

Performance and Result: 8/10

It was a great performance by the Blades and won the game 1-0 with a goal netted by James Beattie who turned in Chris Armstrong's cross. Whilst it was a solid performance displayed by the defence, in particular Chris Morgan.

Atmosphere: 8/10

The atmosphere at Bramall Lane has always been an intimidating one for the opposition as the Greasy Chip Butty song echoes around Sheffield 2.

Overall: 33/40

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