GH: City of Manchester City Stadium, Manchester City (32 points)

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Sheffield United had yet to play at the City of Manchester Stadium based in the Eastlands area of the City. It had originally being built for the Commonwealth Games in 2003 but was turned into a football stadium after use.

And one interesting fact was that former Sheffield United defender David Sommeil scored the first ever professional goal in the new stadium.

Club Guide

Team: Manchester City
Ground: City of Manchester Stadium
Capacity: 32,500
Date Visited: 14 October 2006 v Sheffield United)

Due to there progress in the Premier League Manchester City jump on the chance to move to a new purpose built stadium at the side of City, it meant the loss of Maine Road and the famous Kippax Stand. However this was a right move for City, with the mini Olympics being held it seemed fitting to take over an empty stadium and turn it into a football ground.

Sheffield United fans were housed in both top and bottom tiers of the stand behind goal whilst opposite was a similar stand, to the left and right was a huge three tiered stand. Outside the ground was impress with spiral staircase to take you to the upper tiers.

What was even more adequate were the disabled facilities; the turnstiles were created that once walked onto the concourse and into the seated area you were at the top of the bottom tier without climbing nor descending any stairs; arguably the future in modern day stadiums.

Stadium and Pitch: 9/10

As said previous the ground is quite magnificent and is in some ways on par with there rivals across the City, Old Trafford has an excellent capacity but the Blues offer something else to your match day experience.

The turnstiles for example had a scanning system which I have only seen at top flight clubs. It was well received that Sheffield United introduced the same system for the start of the 2007-08 season.

If I was to had out stars for my experiences on my travels this ground would certainly be merited with a gold star and this is defiantly one ground that I would be more than happy to revisit.

Programme: 8/10

The Manchester City programme was quite interesting; priced at £3.00 for 84 pages was quite average but the feature on the Blades was interesting, particularly the 'ebay Away Day' column where they troll from some past memorabilia that could be bought from ebay at the time.

Performance and Result: 8/10

The game ended 0-0 and Sheffield United picked up their first point away from home of the season, the game was particularly tight but the result was earned and merited, City barely had a shot on goal and Rob Hulse came the closest when he stroke the bar late on in the first half.

Atmosphere: 7/10

It was a great day out for the visiting supporters, and although it took a while for the home crowed to get going the Blades fans were in full voice.

Overall: 32/40

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