£30,396,897 - Blades cash in

Last updated : 23 September 2008 By Jamie Furniss

Kevin McCabe and Co have demanded the compensation when in some eyes the Blades were unfairly relegated from the Premier League. It has now been confimed that United have won their battle for compensation.

The amount awarded is yet to be confirmed but Kevin McCabe on the official website said: "I can confirm that both clubs have been notified of the ruling. The arbitration panel has awarded in our favour. The matter is still legally in process so I do not wish to comment any further until we have completed that process."

Lord Griffiths who is the chair of the tribunal said the following: "We have no doubt that West Ham would have secured at least three fewer points over the 2006-07 season if Carlos Tevez had not been playing for the club. Indeed, we think it more likely than not on the evidence we heard that even over the final two games of the season West Ham would have achieved at least three points less overall without Mr Tevez. He played outstandingly well in the two wins West Ham secured in those last two games."

At Upton Park, the profits of the sales of two main squad players are poised to be in the account of Sheffield United Football Club.