A Villa View...

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The views were collected by the United fan after Villa fans made their voices heard on various sites dedicated to the Villa Park club. Here is what they had to say;

"Well we lost to league 2 bradford last season. This time it's a league 1 team. So there's slight improvement"

"At least this gives the lie to those who claim Lambert has assembled a League1 quality side. We can't even beat 18th in that league."

"This Sheffield side lost against Walsall last week after being 1-0 up. Poor poor performance Lambert no excuses. Were winning on luck at the moment."

"I slightly fear for this team if they struggle against a struggling league 1team."

"We will have the "inconvenience" of the fa vase soon too the way we are heading. That and the "Inconvenience" of playing 46 games instead of 38."

"We have so little creativity and passing ability in the team, we can only play counter attacking football. To the point that we are so garbage we get beaten by league 1 and league 2 teams at home. That isn't the romance of the
cup or an anomaly, we are pathetically poor at home. "

"Lowton is League One standard"

"Hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof hoof...horizontal pass, hoof hoof hoof hoof, score? Defend defend defend, concede?!?!?!?!
Error 404 tactics not found. "

"It was just wrong. They have 2 big, immobile CB's and we just lump it forward. Completely played into their hands. Tactics were just, plain and simply, ****."

" This is not far off our strongest team, against a near relegating side of league 1. Pathetic."


"I think this is the biggest shock of the 3rd round (not to villa fans who have watched this all season though)."

"No excuses we were well beaten by a lower div 1 side."

"We missed so many chances, it is unreal and shows inexperience."

"Last time we lost again Sheff Utd they certainly weren't in league 1 at the

**** time."

"Sheffield United fully earned their win."

"We are a meaningless club now aren't we?"

"Maybe my expectations are too high. Sheffield are only two leagues below us"

"Basically our first 11 getting beaten at home to a league 1 side who lost away to Walsall a few days ago."

"we can't beat a team that lost to Walsall ! "

"We are a Premier League team and should beat team like Sheffield U with ease, if we WANT to. Obviously we dont want, I think we have the needed quality, something is just not clicking."

"Cannot defend losing at home to a struggling league 1 team, with what was for Villa a strong starting 11."

"Just two players short of our strongest team?, I think we've found our level now...league 1
I work with the worlds maddest sheff u fan, his house and car is a mobile shrine, never in his wildest dreams did he think its would beat villa, he descibes the currents sheff team as the worse in his 53 years."

"if we had the team i would give a sh*t about the cups but when we are putting lowton as a CB, and the likes of sheffield have alot more to play for as they get the money in if they get further whereas we lose money if we go into

"Only BPL side to get beaten by lower opposition!"

"That Flynn had a cracker"

"Nigel Clough: never had any money to spend as a manager, knows exactly how to set a team up. Fit our criteria at all? This is the type of manager we need to look for. "

"Well done to Sheffield United!"

"What sort of idiot says the cup is a sideshow compared to the league and then picks very close to his strongest team in the cup and loses to a league 1 team. You really couldn't make it up, I hope his missus tells him he's a tosser when he walks through the door tonight. "

"Well done Nigel Clough and Sheffield United. It does help when you come up against someone as clueless as Lambert, mind."

"Think I'd take Nigel Clough as manager now. "

"Sheffield fans went MENTAL at the final whistle, but they were still drowned out by the Boos "

"How can this be considered a shock? "

"The players and managers should be ashamed. Well done to Sheffield United!"

"Worldy goal from Flynn"

"Most depressing thing is we can't say we deserved anything out of the game"

"Well i thought today might be a shock result for the underdog with their collection of struggling poor lower league players, but as it was Sheffield United won it instead."

"Sheffield United were more composed on the ball than us"

"This was a League 1 side and they deservedly beat us"

"The side he put out should have been good enough to get through but no, we got turned over good and proper at home by a team 50 places below us."

"Well we're off to get some beer and listen to The Cure and Morrissey all night."

"Whatever the problem is, it is not buying lower league no-marks or Lerner setting wage caps. Nigel Cough would dream of having any of our squad at his disposal and whatever we spend on wages it will be substantially more than Sheffield United."

"Congratulations Sheffield United, well played. "