An appeal is possible

Last updated : 07 September 2009 By Bladesmadeditor
1241361585_spt_ai_crystalpalacevsheffutd_21The Sheffield United boss is disappointed with the outcome of the hearing which occurred this afternoon (7th September). The length of time the Irishman will be unable to appear for any club is the main reason why the gaffer is frustrated and he confirms that the club are 'considering their options' in regards to an appeal.

"We know Paddy's not a drugs cheat and they've accepted that," said Blackwell.

"We're just considering our options. We think nine months for a mistake out of a medicine chest seems harsh. This case shows that before a player takes anything out of his medicine cabinet he has to check it intently.

"We'll consider our options. It was a long day and at the end of it they accepted it wasn't taken to enhance sporting performance.

"If you've got a bad chest and you take something to relieve pain it isn't going to make you quicker, faster, taller.

"There's no two ways about it the players now have to take responsibility for the lives, their actions, with the new wider regulations. A player can be pulled over the coals, anywhere, at anytime, if they're on holiday or wherever."

He went on: "He's (Paddy) devastated; to lose any time in your career is particularly hard. Paddy's gone home and we'll have a long chat and see what we can do.

"My thoughts go with Paddy. To do something as innocuous as that and to get such a harsh punishment, it'll take him a while to get over it."

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