And the winner is...

Last updated : 15 May 2008 By Jamie Furniss
We have recieved an number of entries and we thank everyone for that. But we have chosen a winner and that is Gallon of Magnet's banner (below).

Image scaled down from original size of 730x70

Sorry to eveyone else who has participated and we thank you for taking yor time out to make your superb banners. But we (the two editors) and other messagebaord users think that we should use Gallons.

We have sent it to Footy Mad and they are trying to publish it. For some reason they are saying that the pixels are the wrong size but i wait for a response.

The banner should be published in the next couple of days. Thanks to the following users for creating a banner:


The good thing is for the users is that we may swap the banner around as months go by. It just depends.

Keep checking for updates and for the final time, cheers to everyone from Blades Mad.