Blackie admires Morgs

Last updated : 25 January 2010 By Bladesmadeditor

2789407Morgs has been ever-present at the heart of the Blades defence for several years now, and the club undoubtedly means so much to the Barnsley-born centre-back.  He may have had it tough after the incident at his hometown last season, but since then he has unarguably gone on from strength to strength.

Kevin Blackwell, his manager, is pleased to say the least about the shifts the skipper puts in week in, week out. He feels the 'dirty' stuff the captain does is a testament to his passion and commitment, and Blackie feels that perhaps his grinding work goes unnoticed.

Blackie begun: "The one thing you'll always notice about Morgan is that he's level headed, a quiet Yorkshireman who knows what his capabilities are and produces them every week.

"He doesn't kid himself, and he's been the most outstanding centre-half in the league so far this year, by a mile. I couldn't afford to lose Morgs. Without question people take him for granted. It was ironic last year that Billy Davies made a real comment that stirred a few people's feathers; if you want to build a team of success, you need a Morgan!

"His attitude and commitment is there to be seen every week. I feel Morgs is still capable of playing in the Premier League, just look at Saturday.

"I think the label he has that he does all the 'dirty' stuff is a compliment to him that he does it week in, week out, and if you want someone to do all the dirty and ugly stuff, as well as the foundations of a centre-half pairing, then Morgan's your man.

"The likes of Kilgallon with his blonde hair and his good looks, all the things he do stand out.

"If you gave me the choice to have any centre-half in the Championship right now, I'd choose Morgs. People might say 'you're bound to say that because he's your player', but he is, in my opinion, the best centre-half in the Championship at the moment."

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