Blackie's around the world trip

Last updated : 17 June 2008 By Jamie Furniss

Blackwell has confirmed he has been all around the globe looking for potential signings who he thinks could fit the bill for Sheffield United Football Club.

He said:" As a manager you never get away from it since the season has finished. After Southampton we were back in on Monday morning and doing the job trying to put certain things into place what i think this football club needs.

"The games we have watched since then are the Internationals and the play-offs. Over the last two weeks we have been flying all over the world to look at players and to meetings about Sheffield United.

"I now come back after having six days away and were off to Brazil and looking at players there and training camps. We are looking to join up with the two clubs Sao Paulo and Sheffield United.

"From the players returning to pre-season training on the 30th, their is no real time." On his affection for the game he finished:" The wife did say this morning you love it don't you, your back, and I said I'm afraid I do."