Blackie's reaction to contract extension

Last updated : 04 December 2008 By Jamie Furniss
Blackwell who signed a new contract recently impressed the board with his latest developments on and off the field. Blackie gives his response to the new deal he signed on Thursday afternoon.

He said: "The new deal came as a surprise to me, it was only mentioned last week. The Chairman has been talking about stability and said he likes what's happening both on and off the pitch.

"We want to send a message out to everyone that we are all in it together and we are a stable club. We have a long-term development plan but there is still pressure on me.

"This contract doesn't make me any safer - the fans will demand results - but it does give me an understanding from the board that I'm trying to achieve something.

"We have a blueprint and the club have asked me to look at all training aspects, both at home and abroad, and put in a structure that can be developed here, in Hungary, China and Australia or wherever it is required.

"I feel that I have an idea I can discuss it with the board and follow it through - it is and exciting time for the club. The aim is to get in the Premier League, stay there, stabilise and from there, develop once more.

"For my confidence, this contract is terrific news, the club has decided that I'm the man to take it forward. I originally came with no contract, I put my credentials on the line and they are now backing me but until I get this club back into the Premier League I will consider myself a failure."