Blackwell Blasts Blades

Last updated : 01 July 2006 By @blades_mad1889

Kevin Blackwell
Sheffield United are rumoured to be interested in Defender Matthew Kilgallon and Forward Rob Hulse but Blackwell insist that there stars will not be sold on the cheap.

United have reportedly tabled a £1,400,000 bid for Hulse but a move for the former West Bromwich Albion striker has been rejected, a swap deal involving Geoff Horsfield was also unsuccessful.

Kevin Blackwell told Yorkshire Evening Post; "Neil Warnock did enquire about Matthew Kilgallon but we don't have to give our players away any more. I noticed that Neil paid £3million for Claude Davis at Preston and then offered a paltry amount for Killa. I don't know whether he thinks I'm going to do him any favours.

"The valuation of our players is the valuation that we think is right for this football club. Neil's 12 months too late for nicking bargains out of Leeds United. This isn't a bargain basement club anymore."