Blackwell ensures Naughton is going nowhere

Last updated : 28 October 2008 By Jamie Furniss
Naughton, 19 years of age has been a breath of fresh air in the United team. Many media sources have indicated that many Premier League clubs are eying a move for the Unitedite.

Blackwell said: "That is why ate the moment we have imposed a media blackout on the lads. We do not want him involved in interviews and thinking about anything but playing for us.

"Kyle is still very young and inexperienced even though we are aware that the big clubs are circling. He has quality written all over him but I have told him that his career is not made yet.

"It has been made quite clear that he must retain humility, continue working hard and not to forget where he has come from - and I am sure he will be with us for a long time."