Blackwell hopes

Last updated : 06 March 2008 By Jamie Furniss
"I saw lots of improvements and it's clear the players want to do well through their efforts in my 1st 5 games. On another day we would have had 2 stone wall penalties.

"It's a more cohesive performacne at Ipswich and we answered the questions that were asked to each other after the Charlton game. It was a terrific effort and the fans showed their appreciation at the end."

Blackwell says valuble lessons were learnt after the 2:0 loss to Charlton.

"We needed to get things out in the open, lance a few boils and prick a few egos, but after that i thought the comeback was 1st class on Tuesday.

"Bramall Lane must be a fortress again. It's up to the players to get the fans going vice-versa. Last Saturday demonstrated the whole season in one game, and there was no way the supporters cheer that complete dross."