Blackwells preview

Last updated : 16 February 2008 By Jamie Furniss

New Blades boss Kevin Blackwell sys he was suprised when he recived the phone call.Heres what he had to say:

"I've not sat down with (club chairman) Terry Robinson or (plc chairman) Kevin McCabe and discussed how long my tenure at the football club will be," he stated.

"I just wanted to get up here and deal with the players. I've not even bothered talking about wages or where I'm going to live or anything like that.

"I was initially called on Monday and asked whether I would work in a coaching structure with Robbo, and I have to admit I was surprised when I received that phone call.

"It was a quick message, but something that intrigued me, and I left it at that.

"Then all of a sudden I received a call at 5.50pm yesterday asking me to come up to Bramall Lane and talk about a different type of structure.

"When I arrived I discovered it was about me becoming manager.

"Once I sit down and have a longer chat about what we are doing and where we are going, then I'll be very happy," added Blackwell.

"Right now I have a job to do. The team is absolutely paramount, so I'll deal with that first.

"But I'm more than happy here, and I'm sure they'll look after me in some respect somewhere down the line.

"This is a club that's going places and without a doubt it could easily return to the Premier League.

"It has the infrastructure, and can be anything in the Premier League it wants it to be."