Blades-Mad Player of the Month

Last updated : 11 January 2003 By @blades_mad1889

We asked you which player you thought deserved to be 'Player of the Month' for December, a massive 76 votes where made in the space of seven days.

Un-surprisingly it was Michael Tonge who came top of the poll, though he did have to beat keeper Paddy Kenny late on, although no doubt that his brace of goals against Liverpool helped him reach the top of our poll.

Tonge won the poll with nearly 24% of the votes while Kenny finished second with just 21%. But poor Nick Montgomery who was chosen to be in list after picking up man of the match in our 1-0 victory over Walsall on Boxing Day finished bottom of with 1.3%.

This weeks, weekly poll is now online and you can vote on Blades performance of the month for December, this is not who you think is best player but which you think was best performance given by the whole team in your chosen game.