Champions League pitch layer is a Blade

Last updated : 22 May 2008 By Jamie Furniss
Frost who has laid the Bramall Lane pitch in the past takes up his biggest task of laying the Luzhniki Stadium pitch. There have been fears that the pitch will not be good surface due to ripping up the synthetic and replacing it with a grass surface. The grass surface wich is currently laid on the pitch is the one Manchester United and Chelsea will both play on tomorrow night (Wednesday).

Their have been fears that the ball will not run on the ground properly because of the bumps and patches.

Blade himself Frost said:"The pitch doesn't look too good. If you look closely you can see where it has been patched up, particularly around the centre circle. It's possible the ball won't run true in places.

"The pitch is acceptable but it is a big personal disappointment for me. Things didn't go well from the start, the pitch has only been down 15 days.

"I'm a Sheffield United fan, but I've got friends who support both sides so I'd get battered if I said who I want to win. I just want a good match, but definitely not penalties at the end. I would be dead by then."