Compensation delay for Blades

Last updated : 01 October 2008 By Jamie Furniss
West Ham are to submit an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to see if they can rule the case. The Blades don't have to agree to take the case to the CAS if they do not wish but, if they don't then that substantially decreases the prospect of that court agreeing to take the case.

A West Ham spokesman said: "We do believe that the arbitration panel's ruling needs to be reviewed by a court which can help resolve the outstanding issues in this case.

"This is not about the issue of damages - the current ruling has major implications for English football. West Ham will continue to look at the available options for further action and we do believe that Sheffield United should join us in a hearing at the Court of Arbitration."

To which Blades Chairman Kevin McCabe replied: "If that is what they are saying, then that's their prerogative. We will not be commenting."

February 2009 looks like the likely outcome of the saga if the CAS and the High Court get in the mix. Lord Griffiths who is Chair of the case has postponed the direction hearing in which a timetable for payment was set to be presented to West Ham after the Hammers called for a delay.