Cork urges Darius to relax

Henderson wasted a host of chances in the 2-1 defeat by Middlesbrough but former Wimbledon and Blades striker Cork believes he will find his scoring touch after recently returning from a long-term injury lay-off due to hamstring trouble.

Cork said: "He's been out for 11 months and is only three games into a comeback - at least he's getting into the right positions and overall his performance against Middlesbrough was great, but he's maybe just too eager to score.

"Strikers go through these spells. When I was playing if I went five games without scoring I'd start sobbing, but I'm not sure that more and more work on finishing necessarily helps. I didn't like doing it because it can just make you paranoid and have the opposite effect to what is required.

"Darius just needs to calm down a bit and put his head to amber mode. The trouble is that pressure gets to managers, players and supporters alike.

"The players have to keep making chances and not hiding, and at least we're creating chances regularly now whereas we weren't a few weeks ago."

Source: PA

Source: PA