Downes Sours Success

Last updated : 15 September 2006 By @blades_mad1889

Neil Warnock is hailed as a hero by Blades-Mad and the rest of the red and white contingent of Sheffield, however former Blade Downes believes that his success does not mar with that of former Blades manager Dave Bassett.

Downes; a failed maanger at several clubs; argues that success was much difficult for Bassett who achieved back to back promotion to Division One (now Premier League) way back in 1990.

"Harry took Sheffield up from the old third division to the first and they hadn't been there since he left until Neil Warnock got promotion last season," stated Downes.

"Warnock said it was a big achievement because they hadn't been there for 12 years but when Harry got them up they had been out of it for even longer."

What Dave Bassett achieved during the eight (1988-1995) years he served with the club was amazing; without a doubt. The club was debt ridden and heading no where. Bassett rise the Blades from the ashes and became a big club again, no doubt most Blades can remember the scenes at Leicester City in May 1990 when the Blades lived the dream.

Mr. Bassett also reached the semi-final of the FA Cup (1993) only to lose to our City rivals in extra-time. Although Neil Warnock hasn't took the Blades through two divisions he has take United to two Cup Semi-Finals and a Play-Off final to boot.

Whilst all this the Blades have accomplished an excellent boardroom that has the ability to take the club places. With all this in mind, Bassett's achievements can't go unnoticed Blades-Mad believe that both managers should be credited with equal content as the most noted in history!