Evans Seeks New Legal Team

Last updated : 13 November 2013 By @blades_mad1889

Evans, 24 was jailed on 20 April 2011 for five years for raping a young women in a hotel room on a night out in Rhyl, Wales and was ordered to serve at least half his sentence and an appeal last year saw his sentence rejected by the Court of Appeal.

A website set up by his supporters; www.chedevans.com has revealed that he has employed a new legal team who will examine aspects which were relevant to the case but left out of court – he still remains his innocence.

Mr Whitfield of Liberton Investigations said: “Having reviewed this case and caused further enquiries to be made, I have some investigative concerns about the conviction.

“It appears some aspects of the case that were relevant to Ched’s defence may not have been fully explored pre-trial.”