Gaffer gives his take on transfers

Last updated : 21 June 2008 By Jamie Furniss

The gaffer says he knows exactly what he wants and also confirmed that every players agent he has been in contact with have all said that the player would love to come to Bramall Lane.

His take on things are:" We've proven that were a financially stable club and we don't have to sell anybody. We don't have to sell and people will be leaving Bramall Lane but only when we say and how much is right.

"It's a good position to be in and at the end of last season we have proven six, seven or even eight players were totally unavailable to me since i was here. With that group of players coming back fit I've got some extra people added to the squad that I've never had before.

"With a great finish we are looking to build on that and I would think that teams would worry about Sheffield United, well i know that teams worry about Sheffield United. Having said that i am looking at signing the right player.

"A player that I think will be a big influence on the team. I think gone of the days at Sheffield United when we signed players just to freshen it up and change things around. Nowadays It's about signing the right player and it could be a big name. If It's a big name then it will be the right name.

"They've got to do the job that we think will move Sheffield United on. Right now i am being very selective of who I do sign and the good thing is that the players agents have been ringing me up no-stop since the seasons ended. They're all desperate to come to Bramall Lane because they know what this clubs about."