Great Game Robbery: Our View

Last updated : 05 February 2007 By @blades_mad1889

bramall lane - charges visiting supporters around £22.00
It was on that particular day that Sheffield United were travelling to Blackburn Rovers and although the result didn't favour the Blades it was a pleasant day.

For the visiting supporters it cost an acceptable £25.00 to watch their team play at Blackburn Rovers, however it will cost £32.00 at Liverpool and an astonishing £48.00 at Chelsea on 17 March, why?

The article reported that Manchester United, on the same day were being charged £45 to visit Fulham whilst the Cottages reduced prices for when Wigan Athletic played their early in the season and charged a decent £10.00.

It is unacceptable that fans be charged over the top prices, Premiership players may earn at least £30,000 a week but the average Joe Public doesn't.

On 13 January Manchester City fans proudly made a stand and boycotted their fixture at local rivals Bolton Wanderers who over charged City fans for their loyal support.

As of next season Premier League clubs will be given a war chest of £900million which was brought from Television rights. The monies will be split depending on where each team finishes in the league, etc 20th place will be culled to the Championship but will receive £28.5million just for the please of it. Last season Chelsea received only £30million for winning the league.

Whilst this is good news for Premier League clubs like Sheffield United - providing they retain their Premiership status for next season they will be set finally compete with bigger clubs. However, like all clubs must reward their fans with cheaper tickets.

However we must not forget the financial restraints this puts on clubs from the lower leagues. It would be expected that clubs who win promotion to the top flight extend prices slightly to accommodate an higher wage budget. The problem is that when they fail to stay up in the Premier League at the first time of asking they are forced to keep charging high prices for a lower standard of football.

Last season Sheffield United fans paid £28.00 to visit Molineux, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers, that of course is £3 more than what fans paid to watch Blackburn.

It is clear that things need to change, I agree with the Sun report but need to look at the Championship and other league first. Once Premier League clubs lower their prices Championship clubs financially won't be able follow suit as they don't receive Premiership payments.

The Football League should be careful where they tread on this matter!

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