It begins here

Last updated : 30 June 2008 By Jamie Furniss

The full squad except two (David Carney and Luton Shelton) have attended the session as Blackwell gives his thoughts on things. He began: "I've brought Carl Serrant in and he has good qualities as a fitness coach along side Dean Riddle where I think we have really complemented that side of it.

"I want the team to be fit, strong and to use power and pace as the key and Carl and Dean in my opinion are the best to work with. Throughout the season the players that aren't playing need extra work physical wise to ensure that they're ready to come in and grab their opportunity. Sometimes players fall through the net purely because of the lack of style and that's not going to be the situation here.

"I sit down with all my staff and we go through every detail but i don't know the every aspects of fitness so that's why I bring the specialists in. I don't know the every aspects of medical so that's why I bring the medical staff in."

Blackwell explains the schedule of the players training in the next few days. He said: "Today their in now and It's fitness testing to see exactly where they are on that fitness programme. We gave them one when they went away so we had to do one throughout the close season and that should give us a great idea to where they are in the bleep test this morning.

"It's not about killing them to see as far as they can go. We are going to do some circuit training and then some running. Tomorrow It's going to be hard detail and some tough running."

Blackwell has embarked on the training sessions to be one in the morning and one in the evening. He explains why he took the decision to do this: "I think if your going to train as hard as you do in the morning the body will not react to another hard session inside two or three hours. It needs four hours not to only get food back in but to get some more energy back in to the bodies but it allows us to train very hard twice a day."