McCabe faces big decision

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The PLC Chairman addressed the media yesterday (Monday) and confirmed that he had held talks with the Blades boss Micky Adams regarding his future.

Whilst McCabe didn't reveal exactly what was discussed between himself and Adams, he did say that they 'had a good session talking about the whys-and-wherefores of what's happened in his (Adams') session with us since December and also talking through his thoughts and views on League One, the players we have got, and the attributes of the youngsters'.

McCabe has flown back to the UK from overseas to have 'one-to-one' discussions with Micky, but has put his future on hold whilst he finds out the opinion of other board members.

The owner, who confesses that he 'doesn't make hasty decisions', said: "I had not had a chance to speak to Micky one-to-one for many weeks because I don't live in the UK. This was our first opportunity to sit around a table and 'throw a ball about'.

"Decisions will be made about all sorts of things affecting the reshaping of the club, now we are in League One, in these next few days.

1701507"If it takes longer than a few days, it will be because there is good reason. I have been around in business a long time and, in serious decisions, I am a great believer in sleeping on it, thinking about, talking to people who work here, other mentors in business. We are not 'hire 'em and fire 'em' type people at this club."

It was McCabe's first public appearance since the club's relegation, and he affirmed his thoughts that it isn't solely Micky Adams' fault for the club's disastrous predicament.

He continued: "I think Micky has dealt with things calmly but he's as disappointed as I am with the end result.

"I am now feeling the temperature before making what I believe will be a good, reasoned decision.

"I have a level of sympathy for the job Micky took on board and I am sure it has been more difficult than he imagined.

"I have no doubts at all that he is a good manager and a very honourable man who works extremely hard.

"I don't think he can be held solely responsible. He inherited a squad that was probably more difficult for him to work with than he first envisaged. But statistics are statistics."

Incidentally, McCabe will be taking Blades fans' calls on BBC Radio Sheffield's Football Heaven tomorrow (Wednesday) night from 6.

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