Midfield problem to be solved

Last updated : 03 September 2008 By Jamie Furniss

Matthew Spring, David Carney and Lee Hendrie (currently injured) can all fit into the central midfield role but are they ready to experience the rough and tumble of the Championship. Sun Jihai could also play in that position. The centre of midfield isn't just the position United are looking at.

Kevin Blackwell said: "We've got one or two things in the fire. Tonge was getting a bit of criticism from people anyway even though I think he was playing quite well. But you can't win all the time can you.

"There'll be people saying yes I think it was right for Tongey to go and there'll be others saying why have you let him go? Whatever you do sometimes as a manager, you can't win.

"We are fortunate that we've been able to do a good financial deal for the football club and I think that when your around the top of the table your players evaluation rises.

"We've already got something lined up before Monday. We're hopeful that nothing will happen between now and ten days time, if a player gets injured at their particular club. If it does then I'm hoping that something will happen before the Derby game.

"I've got two people in mind but once again the fate is out of my hands now. We know who we want and we've spoken to the particular clubs and there is a strong indication that we will be able to sign a player(s) before ten days time."