Rivals.net users - Join the fray

Last updated : 02 July 2009 By Bladesmadeditor


Popular football fan network Rivals.net was closed down today (Thursday) for unforeseen circumstances, which will have left their contributors looking for other fan sites to post their thoughts and read up to date stories on their club.

Rivals Sheffield United was part of the network, so Blades Mad are inviting Unitedites searching for other websites to air their views on and to catch up with all the latest from BDTBL, to join the camp right here.

What do we offer?

* Latest News daily
* Match Previews for every single game
* Match Reports from every single game
* Match Photos from most games
* Previews and Reactions from Kevin Blackwell and the players
* Features (Away Bladez, Occasional Live Match Threads, Match Centres, Opposition features, Pre-Season features etc.)
* Top quality banners created by message board user 1dmc.
* Plus much, much more as the season progresses

Blades Mad are moving forward and we have a pursuit of being the most popular Sheffield United fan website on the internet, if it already isn't! We boast between 30,000 - 150,000 hits a day, that equated to around 11,000,000 hits last year, yes that's right! We predict that the hit counter will break the outstanding record for the website this calendar year, we expect 14,000,000 hits. We are currently in the process of some incredible things which we haven't released to the fans as of yet, but we have lodged an enquiry to the club, which we would like to remain unknown for now but if the proposal by ourselves is pulled off, it is something to be proud of.

Our message board is also VERY busy, in fact, one of the most busiest on the Footy Mad network! Click here to visit our message board - click here to register as a member.

If you have an enquiry, don't hesitate to email us via the Feedback Form.