Spotted this And thought Must add it for all you Blades

Last updated : 09 September 2004 By Gizmo233
I think the settings on the right are Blackwells LMAO

This pic has been took from the new TCM2005 In English for the new peeps to the manager games ! Total club manger 2005.
Ive got the 2003 aqnd 2004 ones myself and have passed many of hours by with them ! but having heard that the 2005 one was out I did a search and was stunned to find that the Xbox screen shots are off us V Leeds !

And at the side the you will see the options ! and play dirty is highlighted ! (say no more)

Its also not the game we have play'd yet ! as we are playing away in the screen shot !
But nice to know we are at last getting noticed !

Come on you Blades ! (Giz)