S**t Hits the Fan at Hillsborough as Sheffield United Supporter Soils Rivals' Turf

How much do you hate your local rivals? Would you send some laughing emojis to their official Twitter account after losing a big game? Would you even dare to run through a group of your arch enemies, proudly wearing your own side's colours? 

What about breaking and entering into your rivals' stadium, doing a poo on the centre circle and then flipping off the club crest? Hmm... that's probably too far, right? Yes, definitely too far. 

Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall - Sky Bet Championship

Well, that's exactly what one Sheffield United 'fan' did when he came face to faeces with the local rivals' turf. Sheffield Wednesday have become the butt of a dirty joke, after pictures showed a group of men standing on the Hillsborough pitch, swearing, and posing next to a perfectly placed curler on the centre-circle. Odd behaviour.

South Yorkshire police are investigating the unsavoury incident which went viral on social media, but the videos and photographs of the dirty deed were subsequently wiped from the internet. 

​The Sheffield Star reports that the man in question got wind of the media attention, and attempted to play down the sticky mess he had dumped himself in.  

“All of the comments about poo-gate have tickled me. It was only a nugget chaps. Get over it,” he said. 

The accused fouler then addressed the possibility of a lifetime ban raised by a friend in a second post, but the Blade fan was quick to cut the crap. 

Hillsborough Stadium

“Lifetime ban? Doubt it. Never seen one yet for trespassing.”

Yeah, I don't think just trespassing is the issue here, pal. 

Sheffield Wednesday currently sit six points outside of the playoff positions, and the Owls could make one final push to squeeze into the top-six by the end of the season. 

​Sheffield United have really caused s**t to hit the fan in the Premier League this season, clogging up the top five with some excellent football in the final turd - third, sorry. 

Source : 90min