The Hal and Paul Football Log - Episode 6

Last updated : 04 November 2009 By Bladesmadeditor
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Their 6th edition has been recorded and is now available to listen to via i-Tunes. Hal and Paul have confirmed that they will be shortly making the switch over from i-Tunes to a different site.

‘The Hal and Paul Football Log,’ a regular podcast made by football fans for football fans. No expert opinions, no stereotypical ex-pros sticking up for their own and no sitting on the fence. Current topical events are routinely discussed, debated and delivered in a unique style by Sheffield United fan Hal and Newcastle United man Paul. The two twenty something’s have remained firm friends since childhood despite living at opposite ends of the country for several years, despite having extreme polar opposite opinions on almost everything and despite supporting sides that have repeatedly been in different divisions they do however crucially share a common bond, an unbridled love for the beautiful game. Hear Hal and Paul’s audio blog on recent reports, rumour and results only in ‘The Hal and Paul Football Log’.

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