Two days to go

Last updated : 15 June 2009 By Bladesmadeditor

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Wednesday morning is becoming tantalisingly close as Utd will discover who they will play on corresponding dates throughout 2009 and 2010, just like their fellow 91 league clubs.

Fans complain, moan and groan when they have to travel so far on Tuesday nights, don't have an home tie as their first or last game of the season, and if the boxing day games aren't a cracker.

Three officers comply all 92 club's fixture lists, with an helping hand from a laptop. Football League official Paul Snellgrove admits that next season's fixture lists aren't the best they have compiled, but not the worst either.

Blades Mad unfortunately will not be able to publish the full fixture list anywhere on the website. Websites and organisations must have a license from the FootballDataCo, and most, if not every fan website does not have one. If you are a poster on our messageboard, please do not publish the fixture list as a whole as you will be fined, and the FootballDataCo will be keeping an eye on fan websites like this very one. We, and you will be able to point out key games such as first and last games, boxing day games and derbies etc, but nothing else. Sorry for the inconvenience.