What an embarrassment!

1242824529_spt_ai_sheffutd_pressconf_02Last night (Tuesday) I was embarrassed to be a Blade because of our dismal showing - a performance like that against ROCK-BOTTOM PETERBOROUGH will put many fans off from renewing next season. No, I'm not one of those fans, but it's understandable.

Kevin McCabe needs to get off his backside in Brussels and make the trip over to his native city of Sheffield and have a long, hard chat with the man he appointed as Sheffield United manager in February 2008. I respect the work Kevin Blackwell did for us last season, the wonders of making  the play-offs, but I think it's time he is relieved of his duties immediately.

A 1:0 loss to a diabolical Peterborough outfit is a disgrace, and  Blackwell looked like he couldn't care less. There he was, sat on the bench with his arms folded for the majority of the game. It wasn't often you saw him on the touchline giving his underperforming players a rollocking, but when he could bothered to get up, the abuse he received from his very own fans was unprecedented. I've never seen anything like it - a chorus of jeers, 'Blackwell out' and  'sit down, shut up' were just a host of hostile messages to the manager - deserved as well in my opinion!

'We only want one shot' was sung by the distressed Unitedites. According to various press organisations we had EIGHT SHOTS ON GOAL! What a total lie - where did they get this from? I can recall three, and all were in the dying embers, and all were tame efforts.

Posh were the worst team I've seen this season and we can't even beat them, or even muster a point.

Could Neil Warnock send Blackwell to more misery when he arrives in S2 with his QPR this weekend. Saturday is going to be ugly.

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