Blades Bore Draw Again

Last updated : 28 April 2013 By @blades_mad1889

My match report? Well to be honest I really cannot be bothered to put together anything as the team looked like they could not be bothered. Again. So I am not sure I can be bothered. Sorry about that folks but there are no point me spending ages trying to make out there was any kind of game to write about.

Nothing happened. Whatsoever. Oh other than a Long save from a header, McFazean had a shot blocked, Ironside a header wide and then they hit the post on a free kick. It was an awful game.

United looked exactly as they had all season; slow, unimaginative and clueless. We could still be playing now and still not score. I am being serious. We kept a clean sheet but that is the only real positive; save for a decent showing from Ironside. To be honest I spend the second half listening to the Donny game on the radio so poor our game was. It was dire stuff.

United look a side that the season cannot come to an end quick enough. Their body language suggests they really don’t care. Yes today meant little but it was no different to what had happened the rest of the season when they did have something to play for. After that one game v Swindon, the performance under Morgan have been exactly the same as under Wilson. Clueless; no passion, no football, no creativity. Nothing. Dire.

Yeovil are the in form side at the moment and I think they will be very confident of beating us over 2 legs. I will be surprised if we even score over these 2 games let alone win as we simply do not look like scoring. No goals in 3 games now and hardly any chances. Maybe they might surprise us but I cannot see it. I can see a Swindon v Yeovil final as Brentford will be dejected after what happened. At least soon this awful season will be over and we can turn our attentions to whatever awful appointment McCabe comes up with next.

Long 7/10 – Had very little to do. His kicking was a bit up and down but he was given some daft back passes to be fair to him. He then made a superb save from a point blank header which he somehow got diving high up and scooped up and out.

Westlake 6/10 – Not convinced by him at all but he was ok today. He gets in some awful positions and gives his winger acres of space and on the ball he is less than secure. His free kick and set plays were quite poor. Unsure why he was designated to take them? He did try and get forward and moved over half way quite a bit and he put one good cross in for Ironside. Some of our signings for little fees have come off (Miller/Blackman) but this one hasn’t. I don’t even see that much potential in Westlake sadly.

Hill 6/10 – Steady ish defensively but his distribution was truly shocking as he often just lumped it forward or played it to no one in particular. He is very ordinary but the fact he has been one of our more consistent players says it all really.

Maguire 6.5/10 – Committed a daft foul after he overran the ball and was lucky not to see a card. He stepped out of the defence a few times and did try and make things happen but he also was sloppy at times. He was our best defender today just but the fact he tried to use the ball and showed some determination in challenges.

Collins 5.5/10 – Another one who picked up a daft booking and was sloppy in his play at times. Seems to be making mistakes routinely at the moment. He headed and kicked things away and I suppose we kept a clean sheet but he did lose his man on one header (when Long saved).

McFadzean 4/10 – Was looking forward to seeing him but he was quite poor I have to say. He put effort in and buzzed about but did little when on the ball and other than one shot which the keeper blocked, I cannot recall him getting that involved in the game. He was moved from left to right but it failed to make any difference.

Doyle 6/10 – He was one of our better players today! He was still not great! He actually did win tackles and at times used the ball better than he has recently. His performance tailed off in the second half and a few wayward balls led to the usual cat calls. He is a really poor player and a poor captain but not sure else who we can put in to replace him? That says how bad this squad is.

McDonald 4/10 – Pretty ineffectual game. He tried to pass the ball around and move it from side to side but after first stage of game I cannot recall him having much of an impact on things and then he got involved in some unnecessary stuff and picked up a yellow card and was taken off too prevent him getting another. Showed more movement in waving to the visiting Scottish fans (many dressed in kilts in South Stand) when he went off than he did in the game.

Ironside 6.5/10 – He did ok without really threatening to score. He missed one header but his hold up play and general effort was good. He at least looked bothered and showed some aggression. He tailed off in the second half and often took too long to get a shot or make his mind up what to do when given a few half chances. I am unsure what his qualities are as at the moment it is mainly effort (which is better than most) but there does not look like there are goals in him and he does lack pace.

Kitson 4/10 – Cannot remember him doing anything other than look for fouls. He may have scored a few goals but his performance in recent times have really deteriorated but saying that he is still one of few who may pinch a goal or do something of note when the playoffs start. He keeps speaking about going to the MLS but not sure even his legs will last over there as he looks like a player on the end of his career to me.

Murphy 4/10 – Thought he was poor again. He did very little and often got stopped too easy by the full back. He moved to the left and then back to the right but wherever he went he had little impact on the game. I keep hearing he is fast and had decent control etc but I watched him carefully today and he showed none of that and like most other games he has played he was totally ineffectual. Been a major disappointment for me.


Porter – Put himself about more than Kitson which was not hard and had that one chance where he opted to try and punch it in the net and was rightly booked. I think I would play him Friday as at least he gives us an option (sadly we can’t create anything so at least he may win the odd header etc from the inevitable high ball).

Robson – Showed a bit of life in terms of getting on the ball but his distribution was mixed. He took a few shocking corners and free kicks but at least in general play tried to do something different with a few reverse balls etc. I think he is quite immobile and not sure where you play him but he still probably offers more than Flynn and Murphy in terms of creating things.

Whitehouse – Did not really get involved and then had one chance when ball was played to him but he took too long to get his shot away. Another like McFadzean that probably did not do enough to get a start this Friday.

Crowd - Bored. The only excitement (!) came when two smoke bombs when off in the away end. Nearly 20,000 people will never get those 90 minutes back.


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